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Jake's Adventures
The Secret of the
Shark Tooth Crab Claw
$6.95 print paperback
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Madison and G.A.
(My Guardian Angel)
Tale of the Slimy Spitball
$6.95 print paperback
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Goodnight Goodnight
Goodnight Baby Blue -
Splatter and Friends
$24.00 print hardcover
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Stranger Danger! -
Splatter and Friends
$24.00 print hardcover
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Apricot Saves the Day! -
Splatter and Friends
$24.00 print hardcover
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Red Light! Green Light! Splat! -
Splatter and Friends
$24.00 print hardcover
ebook avail
Jakes Adventures
goodnight goodnight goodnight baby blue
apricot saves the day
Splatter and Friends,
find out where they live,
and how they began.
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stranger danger
red light green light splat
my guardian angel
Melissa Productions
Meet Jake, Josh and Madison Wunderkind three
extraordinary quirky siblings, having lots of super
humorous family adventures.
Share in Splatter and Friends adventures
as each teaches an important lesson such
as friendship and safety.
Join the Wunderkind siblings as they share their personal stories of growing up in an extraordinary, quirky family in the small
town of Boring Brook. Oh, by the way, one Wunderkind sibling is a
Splatter and Friend!
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Madison and G.A.(My Guardian Angel)
Tale of the Messed Up Talent Show
Mom's Choice Awards
$6.95 print paperback
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Jake's Adventures
The Tale of Jake
and the Pesky Flies
$6.95 print
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