Vision!  Throughout Melissa's life, she used color, music, and the power of the mind to increase her
productivity, enhance her relationships, discover more about herself, and get the most out of life. Her
passion to help other's discover more about themselves (self-awareness) and to trust their gut instincts
(confidence) led her to create a workshop called
Get the Vibe! in 1993. Then in 2004, when a splatter of
paint splatted on the floor, Melissa pressed a piece of paper on top of it, creating the first character of her
Splatter and Friends series-Splatter. From there she had a vision of seven colorful characters and a dog
that would not only teach her children about themselves while promoting creative learning, but also
teach other children.

Focus!  Melissa worked behind the scenes on bringing her vision to reality. While tending to her
normal day to day activities of parenting her three children (who are less than 16 months apart), she
began creating her vision. She developed her characters--their personalities, where they live, how they
began, their strengths and weaknesses, and more! At the same time she learned the ins and outs of
publishing a children's book. As a natural artist, she taught herself how to illustrate. From there she
designed and formated the interior and covers for all her books. In addition, she built this website.

Action!  In 2009, Melissa founded Melissa Productions, Inc.  The company's focus is to offer products
and services that promote self-awareness and creative learning for people ages two and up. In 2010,
Melissa successfully published four hardcover Splatter and Friends children's picture books, The first
Wunderkind Family book called Jake and The Fly (a humorous and educational fantasy children's
chapter book targeted for 6 - 12 year olds), and a self-help book called Surviving Reality. In 2011, she
published Get the Vibe!. Since then, she's published two additional humorous and educational fantasy
children's books in the Wunderkind Family series and has a fourth that will be available for sale Fall of

As for her long-term plans, she will continue building her speaking platform, writing modern-fantasy
children's books and adult books, and branch out with additional products such as audio and video.
Vision! Focus! Action!
Charlotte author, illustrator and digital marketer's, Melissa Perry Moraja, mission is to create
educational and inspirational products and services that promote self-awareness, self-development,
creative learning, and leadership with the family in mind.
Local Charlotte Publisher and Digital Marketer
Copyright Splatter and Friends 2004 - 2009
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