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My name is Apricot. I’m splat-orange. Hee hee! Did you know that
I'm Splatter’s younger sister? Not a biggie, because I know more
than him. I’m the creative genius in the family.

I spend my days planning parties, finding out what everyone else is
doing, and making up new dances. I actually came up with the words
splatastic and splaterrific! I love splatalking—another word for chit
chatting. I’m happy, positive, and always ready for the next
adventure. Oh, and I love giggling. Hee hee!

My friends say that I’m a gossiper. What they mean is I have splat-
excellent listening skills. If anyone needs to know anything about
anyone, they ask me!

One of my special gifts is that I’m telepathic. I’m still developing my
gifts so I may misinterpret what you are thinking. Tar’s mind is so
splatawfully hard for me to read. I really think he doesn’t have one.
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