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I’m Baby Blue and am Splatter and Apricot's little baby brother. I'm
the light blue friend. I’m timid, shy, and innocent. I don't talk yet, but
I can make lots of funny sounds like Bleach and Blotch—

I listen and watch everyone and everything around me. My friends
say that I’m frightened of everything. It’s only because I’m so little.
They also watch out for me. I’m sure it has nothing to do with me
always finding trouble or it finding me.

My best friend is Shadow, my furry gray puppy. Every night I sleep
with my teddy bear. He makes me feel safe.

My hobbies include running around a tree chasing Shadow, painting
the sidewalk with Razzle's lipstick, and tasting all the food at
Apricot's parties. I’m not sure if this is my special gift yet, but when I
get scared, I disappear and usually reappear somewhere else.
There was even this time when I found myself in Tar’s castle,
disappearing from room to room.
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