Meet Tar's Evil Giggly Servants - Bleach and Blotch
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I am Tar and I am darker than the center of the black hole, more
cunning than my father gives me credit for, and the evilest villain
you’ll ever meet. I am the son of Erebus, the Prince of Darkness.

When I talk, my eager servants are the only ones who seem to
listen, but I promise you that will change. I know I’m the most
powerful being alive!

I am all powerful Tar who will make every creature in the
Kingdom of Maven bow before me. Anyone who crosses me will
be added to my annihilation checklist. Splatter has been added to
my list a quardrillion times. He thinks he’s so cool. “Ha ha ha!” I
am the coolest of coolest villains. Those pathetic little happy,
colorful creatures will become part of my Kingdom!  

My special talents include controlling and influencing darkness,
shadow, fog, dreams, and soon death.
Melissa Productions
Bleach has the ability to bleach
things and burp white splat balls.
Bleach (murky white) and Blotch (muddy brown) are twins. They once were a Splatter and Friend.
spat-messy-a perfect place for two twin splat-friends who loved getting into mischief and making
everything murky. They turned against the light and went towards the dark. Now they are under the
reigns of Tar. They are evilly giggly, mischievous, and love wrecking and destroying things.
splats and fart muddy splat balls.