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My superhuman powers started after this disgusting, smelly
glob of neon bird poop landed right smack in my eye. It was
pretty gross. But it was so worth it! I can do things that my
really smart older brother and my spiritual twin sister can't do
like smell my mom's pasta from two houses away!

I also found a little baby Kestrel. We named him Max. He's
really cute and super too!

Because of my superhuman ability, my siblings and neighborhood
friends thought it would be cool to start an investigative team.
I'm the leader and Max is my super assistant. It's a lot more work than I thought. But lots of FUN!

Hope you read my first book! It's really funny!

Thanks for becoming one of my super fans!

Mom's Choice Awards Recipient
Hey Everyone!

I'm Josh Wunderkind and I'm finally more super
than my older brother, Jake!  And I wrote all
about how it happened in my first book -
Josh and
the Gumshoe News Crew 'The Super Secret!'
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