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Wait till you find out what I conjured up in my last book called
The Secret of the Shark Tooth Crab Cla
w. It was pretty genius!

The only thing about being the oldest is that I'm supposed to
be the most responsible and follow all the rules. And boy, my
parents love rules. Every time I turn around they are coming up
with a new one. And to make my life even more kid-challenging,
they make me include my siblings in everything I do. Now that
we formed the Gumshoe News Crew, they are with me all the
Hey Kids!

I'm Jake, the oldest Wunderkind sibling and the
smartest! I remember everything I read and see.

I also can make a thingamajig out of anything!   
camping trip. It was one of my best adventures!

Oh. If you are going to read any of the Wunderkind Family children's books, you have to read mine
first! Seriously, it won an award, which tells you it's awesome!

Your friend,