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Well...let's see. There's been a lot going on in
my life, since school started. In fact, I was
Little Miss Popular for three whole days. That didn't go as well
as I thought it was going to. My best friends started to ignore
me. My brothers got angry at me. And then GA, my guardian
angel, became irritated with me. GA told me that I had a
snobbish attitude. Seriously, she just didn't get what being
popular was all about!

And then if things could have gotten more messed up for me,
everything that could go wrong at our annual talent show did,
sparking Principal Dimples to find out why!
Wait til' you find out what happened! I wrote all about it in my second book titledTale of the Messed
Up Talent Sho
w, which is NOW available at Amazon and iTunes and Barnes and Noble and more! And it
arrived just in time for the holidays!

Can't wait to hear how you liked this page and my book!



Psst! I'm the only Wunderkind that can see and hear their guardian angel. The only bummer part is no
one believes me because they can't see or hear her.
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Charlotte Childrens Fiction Author
I'm Madison Wunderkind and I am so
excited that you are visiting my page!
Especially because my book received
Mom's Choice Awards!.