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Meet the Wunderkind Family!
Wunderkind Siblings
Dad Wunderkind
They're zany and quirky and comically sweet, with these extraordinary abilities that really are neat! Their gifts are unique and can
be considered mystique. So enjoy getting to know, the most extraordinary, ordinary family below!
Jake Wunderkind
Josh Wunderkind
Madison Wunderkind
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Mom Wunderkind
I'm Mom! I grew up in a small town in the northeast and now live in one of the smallest towns in the
southeast called Boring Brook. And boy is it boring! The only excitement I have is predicting things, using
my mommy's intuition. It's unbelievably accurate! I've
almost been able to predict every move my kids
make. Sometimes I misinterpret my visions, thinking they mean one thing, but they actually mean
something else. Even mommy's aren't perfect!

Age: Not telling       Hair color: Dark Brown with highlights     Eye color: Hazel      Height: 5' 6"
I'm Dad! I was born on a farm, but haven't a clue how to grow anything. I'm also not a handy dad, either.
I spend my week working and playing with my kids. I'm super athletic. Not fast. But I can slam dunk a
basketball better than anyone in our town and hit a baseball further, too. And just this week, I threw a
football spiral so fast that it drilled itself into the bark of a tree. My kids and their friends were pretty

Age: Not old      Hair color: Thick, black      Eye Color: Brown    Height: 6' 3"
I'm Jake, the oldest and smartest Wunderkind sibling. I can make any thingamajig out of anything. Wait till
you find out what I conjured up in my last book called
The Secret of the Shark Tooth Crab Claw. It was pretty
genius! The only thing about being the oldest is that I'm supposed to be the most responsible and follow all the
rules. And boy, my parents love rules. Every time I turn around they are coming up with a new one. And to
make my life even more kid-challenging, they make me include my siblings in everything I do.  Hmm, what
else? Well... I remember everything I read and see; and I have a
really weird connection with marine life and
plants. When you read
The Secret of the Shark Tooth Crab Claw, you'll understand what I mean.

Grade: Fifth   Hair: Thick, brown   Eyes: Brown
I'm Josh! Madison and I are twins. I actually didn't think I was extraordinary til' this past summer, when
something unbelievable happened to me. I don't want to spoil the surprise now because I wrote all about it in
my first book -
Josh and the Gumshoe News Crew 'The Super Secret'! All I can say is that I finally can do
something that Jake can't! And boy is he bumming! Well...besides that I love pasta! I'm known as the Pasta
King in my family because I can eat pasta every day for every meal. I like playing baseball and football. I golf
sometimes. And I have a really cute and big bird for a pet.

Grade: Fourth        Hair: Wavy, brown          Eye color: Blue
I'm Madison! Like Josh said, we're twins. I have a klutzy, curious guardian angel that I can see and hear. The
only bummer part is no one else can see and hear her, so when I tell them about her, they think she's my
imaginary friend. She and I do everything together. We like to play piano, sing, and dance. We also enjoy
sports, softball and soccer being our favorite. And both of us love Honey Nut Cheerios, pizza, and brownies! If
I'm not with my guardian angel, then I'm hanging out with Josh or my friends.

Grade: Fourth      Hair: Wavy, brown          Eye color: Hazel green
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Hi! I'm Isabella. I love babysitting my puppy Baxter! He's so furry and fun to play with. I also love cuddling
and hugging, dancing and singing, and giggling and wiggling. My family said I have a special, like every kid
on the planet. If you keep following the us quirky kids, eventually you'll find out mine and hopefully yours

Grade: I'm only 6 years old       Hair: Blonde         Eye color: Hazel blue
Isabella Wunderkind