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friends say that I love myself. They are right! I’m flashy,
sarcastic, and say what's on my mind.  Violet says I’m rude.
“Whatever, Ms. Priss.”

There are days when Tar is on my good side. It’s those days
when Splatter totally is pampering Ms. Goodie-two-shoes.  I
could barf-up a beefstick right now.

I spend my days putting on make-up and admiring my jewelry. I
really am beautiful. When I get RAZZLED-UP, you may notice
that I roll my eyes back or cross my arms in frustration. What
many people don’t know is that I do have a big heart. But I
promise you, within seconds of you thinking I have one, I’ll make
you forget that splatrocious part of me.
My gifts allow me to heat up any situation. I can create fire, heat, and flames
from simply opening up my hands and facing them outwards. You may want
to stay on my good side, because sometimes my temper gets the best of
me. I’ve been known to burn a birthday cake or two, if I get Razzled-up..