Author School Event - Preschool, Elementary and High School
What you can expect: Children are creative, imaginative, curious, and eager to learn, and my presentations focus on
those area's. First, all of my presentations (assembly or workshop format) engage students through sharing stories,
idea's, and experiences. Second, if appropriate, I try to break the students up in groups to promote teamwork and
creativity. As an author, I have to rely on many different people to get my books ready for publishing format.
Encouraging students to work independently and part of a team can be a great skill for them to embrace. Third, I have
the students become part of the story allowing them to experience different personalities, roles, and behaviors.
Students learn about empathy as they act or retell the character they took on.

Typically, during a full-day visit, I will do three presentations (assembly or workshop format) and also autograph
books. Workshop format works great for smaller group sizes like 50 students.

Sample Presentation format for Elementary School Assembly:
Grade K – 2  Read-aloud and Character Development Assembly (45 min.)
I read aloud from one or two of my published books. I also talk about where my story ideas have come from. I engage
children having them play a game in which they identify characters from the books.

Grade 3 - 4  How I became an Author Assembly (50 min.)
I read aloud from two of my books. I talk about where some of my story ideas have come from. I also share examples
of the writing to publishing process (editing, revisions, proofs).

Grade 5 – 6 (or 4 – 5)  How to Write and Publish a Book Assembly (55 min.)
I talk about how I became a writer and explain a bit about the writing process. I'll also talk about how the ideas for the
stories came about. I use props to help students learn about the publishing process.

Author book signing can be included in the Author Event.

Grade 3 – 6 Writing Workshops (45 – 55 min. each)

Please contact Melissa at for additional information on fee's and schedule.
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