Science 101 - Light and Color
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The Guardians of the Prism
A Prism is a solid transparent object that has parallel and congruent bases that are both polygons (all sides are flat). A prism
What is White Light?
Light from the sun is nearly perfect white light. It consists of all the colors of the visible light spectrum. A visible light
spectrum is a band of colors that are created by the refraction of light. Light always travels in a straight line until something
gets in its way.

How does light split into the colors of the rainbow?
ght changes speed when it goes through objects. When it enters a prism it light is refracted. Refraction is the bending of a
wave when the light enters the prism. Warmer colors have longer wavelength's (with red having the longest) causing it to
refract less, while cooler colors have a shorter wavelength (with indigo having the shortest) causing it to refract more.

Here are some additional website to learn more about light reflaction and the visible spectrum.

How are we able to see color?
Every object absorbs and reflects certain white light waves. The color wave that is reflected enters our eyes and is processed
by our brain. For instance, when light shines on the green grass. The primary color that reflects off the grass is green. This
color enters our eyes and is processed by our brain as the color green.

Does each color make someone feel differently?
Yes! Color's can affect one's attitude and behavior. Discover your color below!

  • Red is fun and alive! It’s a color that creates action. It energizes. It says, "Here I am world" and "Please notice me." If
    you have a lot of energy, you may want to steer away from the color red; and instead wear more blues and greens. In
    summary, red is the color of action, security and safety (i.e. fire trucks), love, hyperactivity, and temper.

  • Orange is the color of creativity. Its a friendly, happy color. This is a great color to include at birthday parties or a kids
    playroom. Orange can motivate people. It is a very social color, making people warm up to you easier and faster. In
    summary, it is the color of being friendly and creative, and having energy.

  • Yellow is a color that stimulates the mind to think. Schools paint their walls a soft yellow to promote learning and
    thinking. Be careful because a bright yellow can make people feel irritable and anxious. In summary, it is the color of
    optimism, intellect, mental thinking, warning, and cowardice.

  • Green connects us to the Earth. Green grounds and calms kids. It's used a lot in the healthcare profession to create a
    sense of balance and healing. Over the years, the color green has represented healing, health, nature, balance, good
    luck, vigor, growth, envy, and jealousy.

  • Blue is a color of confidence and trust. It is the color that promotes communication. It is an excellent color to wear for
    an audition, performance, and test. Not only will the director or teacher perceive you as more confident, but also there
    will be this aura of trust and loyalty about you. In summary, blue is a color that represents emotions, communication,
    speaking, writing, honor, sincerity,  loyalty, depression, and sadness.

  • Purple is a color of the dreamer. It is a great color to stimulate your imagination. It's a peaceful and relaxing color. It’s
    not a motivating color. Purple is a color that represents dreams, wisdom, vision, luxury, royalty, spirituality, and

  • Black has no color. It gives off an energy vibe of mystery and power. It is the most popular color in fashion. This color
    represents mystery, secrecy, power, villains, uncertainty, and death.

  • White comprises all the colors of the rainbow. It is truth and honesty. White is clean and fresh. It represents truth,
    purity, balance, honesty, cleansing, rebirth, and sterile.

  • Grey suggests tradition and old age. It implies the best is yet to come. Grey can appear cold and robotic in nature. It is
    a color that is used quite often to signify oldness. In summary, grey suggests tradition, conservative, old age, maturity,
    gloominess, and loneliness.

  • Brown grounds a person. This color represents reliability and being trustworthy. Brown is a color that blends in. You
    won't be noticed if wearing the color brown. It's not the best color to package a product in. It’s been found that
    packages wrapped in brown paper have a greater chance of being misplaced or lost. In summary, brown represents
    earthy, grounded, having common sense, credible, reliable, and politeness.
Did you know that each Splatter and Friend character's personality and behavior is based on the psychological effects of color?
Below is a quick lesson to how Splatter and Friends were created and a description of what their color means!