Splatter and Friends Story - The Beginning
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Long long ago, deep within the mystical rainbow, in a magical Kingdom known as Maven, a bratty baby boy named Tar was
born to Erebus. Erebus was the God of Darkness, making
Tar the son of darkness. Tar was believed to be the next ruler of the
Prism, but instead, the day of his anointment, it shined its rays onto a beautiful baby girl named
Spectra. Erebus cursed all
with darkness, until his son was given his rightful place. But the light of the Prism continued to shine, getting brighter and
brighter and finally dividing into all the colors of the rainbow, giving life to
the Guardians of the Prism-eight colorful friends,
Splatter and Friends!

As the Guardian's of the Prism, Splatter and Friends bring color and spirit into the universe, and ensure night and day exists
together. They help Spectra protect the Prism, keeping it out of the clutches of Tar's villainous hands. And they protect our
world, for if Tar ever found a splat-portal or got his ugly, green hands on the Prism, he would be able to enter our planet,
creating a dark colorless world and preventing Splatter and Friends from existing.

Splatter and Friends stories take place not only in the
Kingdom of Maven, but also here on Earth. In the Kingdom of Maven,
Tar with the help of his eager, giggly servants,
Bleach and Blotch, create havoc and mischief for the eight colorful friends as
they try to gain rulership of the Prism once again. On Earth, the eight colorful friends meet a young boy named Josh who is
trying to form friendships and discover his strengths.
Splatter, the leader, gives Josh a small Prism. Whenever Josh needs a
friend, he holds the Prism up to any light source and a rainbow appears allowing Splatter and Friends to make their journey
from the Kingdom of Maven to help Josh in situations such as bullying, responsibility, and friendship.

Copyright 2004 - 2013
Registered with The Writer's Guild
Target age is 5 - 11 years old. However, stories about Baby Blue alone are targeted for preschoolers, T-K and K.
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