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My name is Splatter. I'm confidently blue and I am the leader of my
friends. I also am the big brother to Apricot and Baby Blue, and Tar’s worst
enemy. I feel lucky, because when I talk, my friends listen, and Tar reacts.
Tar thinks we’re the reason he isn’t the Guardian of the Prism. He's such a
sore sport. We were created from the Prism to protect it. He could learn a
few things from me, like sportsmanship.  

My friends say that I’m outgoing, reliable, and honest. I don't get all teary-
eyed like my girlfriend, Violet, when a cloud forms over Mavenville. I’m
strong physically and emotionally, making me one splat-awesome athlete.
Most things come naturally to me. I’m not saying I’m perfect, because I’m
not. Perseverance is the key to my success!

My powers, or what we call special gifts and talents, allow me to change
the form of water such as creating ice or steam. I’m also able to take water
that is nearby and shoot it at the meddling villain, Tar. Every so often Tar
comes up with a way of knocking me out or capturing me. But his
mischevious plans always go awry, because he just isn’t cunning enough
to out-smart  or out-spell a Splatter and Friend. Oh, lastly, I also can
communicate with sea creatures such as calling on dolphins for a ride.
As for my friends and I, we have the ability as a team to create a rainbow
(and white light) when all eight of us are holding hands. However, when we
do this, we lose energy and color, making us weaker and more susceptible
to being captured by Tar. The only way we can rejuvenate is in our village or
through the Prism’s bright rays.
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