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yellow as the Sun and smarter than anyone you know.

thinking. Yes, I use big words—nebula; and I'm grumpy—
Argh! In a nut shell, I love learning and showing my
friends how things work. Get ready! I've been spending all
my time building a rocket to take me and my friends to
your planet. Or maybe we’ll just ship Tar to your planet.

I’m also responsible for the Book of Ancient Wisdom. It’s a
book that has everything you need to know about
everything. Well, except for how to get rid of Tar. Argh!

I take my gifts for granted, because I’ve been around
longer than the dinosaurs. Simply, I can manipulate
electricity and energy. Sometimes my powers go a little
haywire, shocking a friend or two. And it has nothing to do
with that I’m so old!