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Title: Josh and the Gumshoe News Crew “The Super Secret”  |  Author:
Melissa Perry Moraja  |  Publication Date: May 5, 2014  |  Publisher:
Melissa Productions  |  
Pages:  154  |  Recommended Ages: 6+

Up until a few days ago, nothing extraordinary had ever happened in ten
year old Josh Wunderkind’s life - except eating a whole pot of pasta by
himself. But that all changed after a mammoth-sized bird hit him smack on
the face with a glob of neon green bird poop. triggering his superhuman
Wunderkind ability and leaving him with the responsibility of caring for a
baby bird he named Max. Now Josh was just like his older brother and twin
sister Madison-super extraordinary! But what Josh didn't realize was that
being superhuman wasn't all fun and games.

And things only got more complex in Josh’s life when his two siblings and
a couple neighborhood friends persuade him to lead a super crime-
solving, neighborhood news team—the Gumshoe News Crew. But not
before they agree on the Super Secret and complete Gumshoe Boot

Find out what the Super Secret is. Will the Gumshoe News Crew complete
boot camp? Or will Josh let his team down?
About The Super Secret