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polite, and caring. I see the beauty in everything, even Tar. I love
dreaming. Dreaming let's me see the world happily ever after.

I enjoy going for walks and thinking about all the wonderful things
that can bring smiles to my friend’s faces, even Razzle’s. I’m not
sure why she doesn’t like me. If I’m not walking or singing, I may be
sitting by the stream daydreaming. Shhh! I'm a listener. And it
breaks my heart to see someone sad. Yes, I cry at the drop of a
hat. Oh, most importantly, I am Splatter’s girlfriend, although Razzle
would like to be. I enjoy singing, ballet, ice skating, and dreaming.

My special talents are simple. I can turn invisible and when I sing
Opera, my voice can shatter glass. But why destroy something if I
don’t have to?